Melissa Bierman
Personal Trainer & Weight Management Advisor

Wellness is a lifestyle.

With over 6 years of  experience in the fitness and exercise industry,  I have helped improve the quality of life for many individuals. 

I have worked with people whose goals include: losing weight, improving speed and agility, gaining muscle mass, eating better, increasing their endurance, and  improving their health through supplementation.  My only hope is that I can help you too.

B.S. Education, Minors in Journalism and Dance, Indiana University

• NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
• USAW Sports Performance Coach
• Weight Management Advisor  
• Kettle Bell Certified
• Zumba Certified

I started my personal training career in 2003. My passion for fitness began in college when the gym first became my “home away from home”. I have been studying the body, nutrition and exercise since 1998. I have since continued my career in the fitness industry as a Weight Management Advisor with Body ‘N Sync. The lifestyle changes I have seen in my clients led me to continue my education in fitness, supplementation and overall wellness. Since 2007, I have been teaching step, abs/core, spin, and sports conditioning classes. Educating others about wellness, while providing workout regimes, supplement guidelines, and quality of life solutions, has become my passion.

I have worked with athletes in swimming, golf, dance, skating, volleyball and cheerleading. I assist in speed, agility, and plyometric drills for athletes both in and out of season. I work closely with coaches and athletes training schedules to avoid overuse injuries, yet build upon the skills needed for each individual athlete to shine. 

• High School English Teacher
• Tutor: English, writing, reading, ACT prep

I began teaching in 2002 at Rolling Meadows High School.  I continued my education career at Larkin High School for 5 years.  I have since continued tutoring and working with middle school and high school students one on one.  I work with students on homework assignments, ACT prep, reading and writing strategies, grammar skills, and more.


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